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Voyager Offers A Variety Of Musical Groups & Events!

Our music groups are always looking for additional members. All levels of talent are welcome.

Belle Tones Long and short term singers are welcome to join this group of female singers who enjoy four-part barbershop harmony. The ability to read music is NOT required. Performances are scheduled at various resort functions.
Bluegrass Jam Session Join this fun-loving acoustic bluegrass jam session. The group sometimes performs as a band at Voyager functions.
Celtic Band We are a group of intermediate players that will focus on preparing traditional Scotch/Irish jigs, reels, and polkas to be played for a dance around St. Patrick’s Day.
Chapel Choir Join the Chapel Choir and sing Sundays at the Chapel service. Practice is held once a week – join anytime.
Country Swing
Jam Session
room is available for any acoustic instruments to jam during this time. This group may perform as a band at some Voyager functions.
Coyote Chorus Join the men’s chorus and sing Barbershop harmony at weekly sessions. Performances are scheduled for various resort functions throughout the season.
Dance Band Instrumental and vocal practice sessions playing popular standards with dance band focus.
Handbell Choir 3 levels offered – learn to play (previous musical experience not required), intermediate (previous experience required), and advanced (for the more experienced ringers). Occasional concerts are given within and outside the resort.
Instrumental Hymn Sing Old-time church hymn playing and singing.
Mountain Dulcimer :
Absolute Beginner
This class is for those with little or no experience playing a dulcimer. You will learn to tune, strum, and play a few easy tunes. I will have a few loaner instruments.
Mountain Dulcimer :
Advanced Beginner
This class is for those who know how to hold and strum a dulcimer. You will learn to strum, flatpick, and fingerpick simple tunes. Bring your dulcimer, tuner, and a music stand. We play from Stephen Seifert’s “Join the Jam” book (DAD tuning) which is available on his website.
Mountain Dulcimer :
Intermediate Club
This class is for those who are comfortable playing in DAD tuning. We’ll continue to work on fingerpicking, flatpicking, and new strum patterns while we focus on technique and building a song repertoire. We will be playing in DAD tuning and will use Stephen Seifert’s “Join the Jam” book (DAD tuning) which is available on his website. Bring your dulcimer, tuner, and a music stand.
Native American
Flute Circle
Our flute circle is a big tent so all abilities are welcome! Come and play with our evening group or just listen and enjoy. Be inspired by others. We also offer free beginner (loaner flutes available) and intermediate NA flute lessons. Have fun playing with mics, foot pedals, and loopers.
Play Along With Jeff Weekly session in which Jeff Sanders leads the class in applying their guitar skills. Learn new guitar techniques and songs while you learn to play together as a group. Students should be able to play in the keys of G, C, D, A, and E and be able to change chords efficiently. This class is limited to acoustic guitars only.
Rusty Wind Players For those who used to play a wind-blown instrument (perhaps in High School), this is your Fun Band.
Show Choir Auditioned singers and instrumentalists will perform Broadway show music, and possibly put on a show in the spring. We will try to have a balanced group of around 12 to 24 singers and two or three instrumentalists.
Ukulele Club Weekly gathering of advanced beginner (and up) ukulele players who know basic chords and strums. We try to learn a new chord progression or strum pattern each week, and we take turns choosing songs from the book, “The Daily Ukulele.” This book contains 365 songs specially chosen for the ukulele. While all are welcome, if you’ve never played before, you should consider first going to the Ukulele Lesson group.
Ukulele Jam Session for
This jam is for ukulele only players who want to kick it up a notch. You should be comfortable playing complex chords in a fast paced setting. We’ll be using the yellow “Daily Ukulele” book in addition to PDF handouts.
Ukulele Lessons No musical background needed. Come join the fun!
Voyager Fun Band
(pictured above)
Weekly informal gathering of up to 55 folks who have a great time making music together. We love all kinds of instruments—guitars, mandolins, fiddles, ukuleles, harmonicas, washboards, keyboards, etc. You name it, we like it and we love all kinds of music! Each week we take turns picking tunes from a big songbook that we made, and when it’s your turn, you can lead the group or pass. No pressure. If you haven’t played in a long time or you’ve never played before and want to start, this group is for you. We don’t teach you how to play, but we have an excellent list of instructors. Come every week or just drop in when you can and be sure to bring your instrument and a music stand. Welcome home to Fun Band!