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Ceramics Shop

Voyager Craft Shops Offer Weekly Classes & Workshops

Want to learn a new craft? We offer weekly classes in Ceramics, Lapidary, Silvercraft, Stained Glass, Glass Fusion and Woodworking at our nicely equipped and well staffed craft shops. Experienced crafters can take advantage of “open shop;” instructors are available for assistance and additional teaching.

Ceramics Shop Add color and texture to greenware and prepare it for firing. Open shop, beginner and special classes improve your skills and allow you to create unique projects.
Lapidary Shop Learn to cut and polish semi-precious stones to be mounted in rings, pendants, bola ties, belt buckles, etc. in the Beginners Classes offered once a week. Open Shop is available the rest of the week. Lapidary instruction is suggested for those planning to take Silvercraft.
Silvercraft Shop Design and fabricate sterling silver jewelry. Beginners class each week; Open Shop morning and afternoon weekdays. Prior lapidary instruction is suggested for those planning to take Silvercraft.
Stained Glass Shop Create a stained glass project using glass, copper foil, and solder as you learn necessary techniques in the Beginners Class offered once a week. Open Shop the rest of the week. Instructors are available to help you with new techniques.
Glass Fusion Create beautiful jewelry and other items made of molten glass. A two day beginners class gives you the basics, then go on to a supervised open shop.
Woodshop Use a fully equipped woodshop to create your own projects in wood.  Open Shop weekday mornings and afternoons.  Beginner and advanced classes are offered weekly.